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You can only use your available minutes for booking Appointment slot(s) and actual Consultation sessions. Your consultation with the doctor will automatically disconnect once your minutes are used up.

To contact a member of our clinical support team please fill out our contact form here and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

To chat or speak with a member of our Customercare team:

Phone: +44207 859 4197

WhatsApp: +234 809 963 7111


Our Services are not designed for crisis or emergency situations other than to offer advice.
In a crisis or in an emergency situation, please call your local medical emergency or go to your nearest hospital immediately.

We have a range of specialists from the UK & US registered on our platform including but not limited to:
Oncology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Orthopaedic, Gastroenterology, Genitourinary, Rheumatology, Obstetrics and gynaecology, Psychiatry, Respiratory, Stroke, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Public Health, Occupational medicine and so on.

Before you book an appointment with a doctor or specialist on the platform, you must ensure they have the required experience as you are unable to change doctors during a consultation session. You may however choose another doctor and specialist subject to their availability at the end of the session.

We do not charge you for the issue of any prescriptions.

You will however need to pay for your medication at the pharmacy, even if you’re usually exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions. Private prescriptions can however sometimes work out cheaper than those issued by the NHS. This applies to UK users.

For users in Africa, unless you have a valid HMO or health insurance cover in place, you would have to pay the costs of your medication.

Payments may be made using your Visa or Master debit or credit card, direct to our Bank Account (email us at for details) or by paypal (available only in selected countries). 

Consultation costs vary and depends on the Number of Minutes or Consultation Slots you wish to purchase.
You can get a clear indication of the costs by logging on to your Dashboard to view the prices in your local currency within the Buy Consultation Time menu.

Yes. Following your consultation, the medical practitioner is able to sign post or triage you to a health facility for a physical examination / diagnostic test or to a pharmacy for a prescription

You can have an audio or a video consultation on our platform with a medical doctor and other healthcare professionals in your local Country and the UK.
To confirm whether our services are live in your local country, contact our customer service team via email at

To book a consultation with any medical practitioner on Wazima, you should have bought some Consultation time.
You may then search for a practitioner as per your needs and then choose appointment slot(s) as per their availability and request a Consultation. You will receive a dashboard and email notification as soon as your request is accepted.

You can only use your available minutes for booking Appointment slot(s). Your consultation with the doctor will automatically disconnect once your minutes are used up.

Each Consultation Slot or Session lasts for 15 minutes and you may book as many of these Slots as you need.

In the event that you fail to show up for your appointment or re-schedule no later than 2 hours before the appointment you shall forfeit no less than 20% of the fee paid for the slot(s). You may however send the doctor a message via your dashboard and re-book the appointment.

Following your Consultation, the doctor may triage or make a referral and make recommendations for a physical examination, diagnostic test or issue a prescription via the platform with any of our facility partners. It is your choice to follow the recommendation or use an entirely different facility.

Following your Consultation, the doctor may triage and make recommendations for a physical examination, diagnostic test or issue a prescription via the platform with any of our facility partners (which include Hospitals, Clinics, Diangnostic Centres, Pharmacies). It is your choice to follow the recommendation or use an entirely different facility.

You are not currently able to pay for your diagnostic tests or hospital treatments on the platform but you may be able to make a claim for those services using your Private Health Insurance plan.

After the doctor issues a Private Prescription, you have the option of having it filled by any of the Pharmacies registered on our platform local to you. It may be sent directly to your nominated Pharmacy and being available on your dashboard, may be taken to any pharmacy of your choice.

Delivery of your prescription may be made directly to your location subject to availability of the service in your area.

You cannot pause a Consultation Session and resume later. You may end the Consultation session at any time but will be considered to have used up that slot or session.

If you get disconnected due to network failure and poor signals, you may return to your Appointment page and re-join the Consultation Session

Yes, your medical reports issued on the platform are available and can be shared with your expressed consent with any doctor of your choice.

View your medical notes and reports from your Dashboard after signing in within your  'My Health Profile' menu.

To check your remaining balance, select the Allowance Check menu on your platform.

You may top up your account at any time by using the ‘Buy Consultation’ menu on your dashboard.

Yes they can! iDHSHealthWise aims to make the platform as accessible as possible.

Your consultation Minutes may be paid for on your behalf by anyone who you have pre-agreed with. The payer simply needs to Sign up, form a group and add you to the group in order to transfer or share the purchased minutes with you.

If you have any questions kindly raise a ticket from your dashboard or email the customer care team at

Yes they can! Wazima aims to make the platform as accessible as possible. Your private health Insurance may be paid for on our platform by anyone on your behalf. The nominated payer simply needs to Sign up on the platform, form a group and add you to the group. You then send a payment request to the nominated payer. Once paid for, the policy is recognised as belonging to you and your details are then forwarded to the Health Insurance Company.

We partner with a number of in-Country and international HMOs or Health Insurance companies to provide you access to high quality health expenses coverage as well additional services like Medical Evacuation for expat workers.

Yes there are. You may purchase an Individual , Family or Corporate plan depending on which category applies to you or your Organisation and what your needs are.

Depending on your Consultation package or plan selection, minimum minutes/Slots may apply. For instance an individual wanting to have a one off Consultation with a doctor has a different stipulation to a Corporate Organisation with 100 staff members or a Family of 6 (six). There is no maximum limit.

Multiple people may be in the same group and share some of the facilities on the platform like payments, messaging, referrals etc but MUST however maintain a separate User Account with passwords kept confidential. Each individual must sign-up using their own Username and password. No member of a group has access to the medical or personal data of any others without consent.

You have access to General Practitioners and Specialists including surgeons in the UK and USA as well as in your local Country. When you have established contact with the team of your choice, contact us at to help facilitate the process.

Alternatively, you may wish for the Medical team to come to you, just let us know.

We are also able to facilitate your medical tourism needs to the UAE.

Should you have any queries or be dissatisfied with any part of the service received on the platform, kindly let us know at at the earliest for resolution. We aim to respond to your questions and queries within 5 days of receipt.

To make a formal specific complaint, please kindly do so via the ticket system on your account dashboard providing as much details as possible about your complaint and a member of our customer care team will respond within 72 hours.

To use IDHSHealth.Wise you are required to have an active Internet connection with 1mbps of available bandwidth, for the best quality connection we recommend a minimum of 3mbps available bandwidth.

You may make your Payment Request (Submit Timesheet) at the end of each month for payment on the platform using the Submit Timesheet menu for processing within 7 working days. Payments are made directly into the bank account which you have added to your profile or by cheque.

No. The Practitioner is an independent contractor and will maintain complete control of and responsibility for their methods and operations. The Practitioner at no time will hold itself out as an agent, employee, subsidiary or affiliate of Wazima for any purpose, including reporting to any government authority.

Any fees, expenses or other amounts paid by Wazima to the Practitioner hereunder shall not be considered salary for pension or wage tax purposes and the Practitioner will not be entitled to any fringe benefits, including sick or vacation pay, or other supplemental benefits of the Practitioner, unless otherwise required by law. Wazima shall not be responsible for deducting or withholding from fees paid under these Terms.

The Practitioner will be solely responsible for payment of any and all taxes and other fees that can be required by applicable law and associated with the services under these Terms. See Practitioner Terms of Use.

As with any medical practice, only with the Expressed Consent of the User involved via our platform’s referral system. Confidentiality is paramount in healthcare.

Using our Referral portal on your Dashboard after a consultation, you may refer where necessary as per the patient’s medical needs. iDHS.HealthWise has a robust referral system so with the Expressed Consent of the Patient, you may make a medically appropriate Referral.

Yes. Doctors and medical professionals can form a group on iDHSHealthWise to jointly manage patients and also to share and transfer knowledge to colleagues globally.

Wazima has a Direct Marketer system which allows us to Register those who are suitable in order to earn a commission for every paying User/patient on the platform. No commission is earned from referral of medical practitioners.

As a medical practitioner, you are about to accept as many Consultation Requests from users as you are able to do competently and safely. There are no minimum or maximum limits to the number of Consultation Sessions you can provide. The platform is available 24 hours daily and 7 days per week.

Yes you can. You MUST Re-schedule a pre-booked appointment no later than 2 Hours before it is due to start (if you are a User) and no less than 24 hours (if you are a medical practitioner) using the Re-schedule function in your Appointments menu on your Dashboard. Failure to follow these stipulations would result in forfeiture of some of your Consultation minutes and fine for medical practitioners.

Each Consultation Slot or Session ranges from 7.5 to 15 minutes depending on the location(s) of the Medical Practitioner and User.There is no limit to the number of Minutes/Slots/Sessions that medical Practitioners can accept per User. The user typically sends you a Consultation or Booking request as per their needs which may exceed 1 Slot or session, it is your responsibility to accept as per your availability. 

The Consultation automatically ends when the Allotted Consultation time expires so it is not possible to exceed the allotted time. There is a timer on the Video Consultation screen which lets both parties know how much time has been used and flashes a warning from 3 minutes at intervals before the Consultation runs out.

Yes, medical doctors ONLY are able to prescribe medications within their practice competence on the platform. No Controlled Drugs may be prescribed on the Wazima platform. The user is able to have the prescription filled by one of our recommended Pharmacies or any other of their choice. Prescriptions are valid for 6 months only.

See Terms of Use for Practitioners and Privacy Policy for full information.You will ensure you have (a) a valid email address; (b) a computer system that operates on a platform like Windows or Mac; (c) a 3G, 4G or similar connection to the Internet; (d) current versions of the software, browsers, plug-ins, or other computer applications and programs necessary for the Practitioner to perform services under these Terms; (e) a current version of a program that accurately reads and displays PDF files; and (f) a computer or device and an operating system capable of supporting all of the above;

If you are a medical practitioner registered on our platform and the patient has given you their expressed Consent, then they may share their medical notes and history with you.

See full Terms of Use for Practitioners in the footer Menu. You would need to create your own unique Practitioner account or Sign-up and complete your Registration (including submitting required documentation) which would then need to be verified by our Doctor verification team before your account is fully Activated.

  • you must be fully registered medical practitioners
  • you must be registered with the General Medical Council or with other general medical council or institutions in your country of residence;
  • you must have a track record of previous experience;
  • you have IT skills sufficient to provide services to users and comply with our technical requirements;
  • you will continue your professional development and renew registrations/licences before expiration;
  • you will provide services by yourself and will not engage any third party to act on your behalf;
  • you will perform all services with all due skill, care and diligence;
  • you will follow the principles of medical ethics in your country and as globally accepted;
  • you will ensure you keep any User medical and healthcare information in full confidence and take any necessary measures to secure such information against public disclosure or unauthorised access;

Yes you can. For our advertising Rates, kindly email us at with a brief on your Product(s) or Service(s) OR use the Contact Us form on our Website.

Yes you can. In order to share or transfer your consultation time or slots to or with a family or team member, ensure you purchase either a Family or Corporate Consultation Package as an Individual package will not allow you share or transfer your consultation time.



You can chat or speak to a member of our Customer Service Team on the following numbers:

UK -  +44207 859 4197
NIGERIA WhatsApp -  +234
 809 963 7111 



Each Consultation Slot is 15 minutes as a standard for all same Country appointments. However, should you wish to consult with a General Practitioner or Specialist outside your own Country, the number of 'actual' allotted minutes you will receive for the slot will vary and would be less than 15 minutes. We have done this in order to keep the costs down and fixed.

Users and Medical Practitioners may both re-join the consultation at anytime if disconnected during the appointment. Simply return to 'My Appointments' section and join the appointment by clicking the 'Join' button. You will not be able to 'join' that appointment after the chosen time slot has expired.

For all enquires regarding partnerships and advertising, kindly email and a member of our team will contact you within 5 working days.

All medical practitioners on Wazima have to be validated and their professional status verified before their account is Activated. In some countries, this process may take longer and may be outside our direct control. We however, generally aim to complete the validation process within 7 working days. Email with any questions about your registration and verification.

Please send all your technical questions to and a member of the technical team will be in touch within 24 hours.

If you are unable to Sign-up because the Sign-up button does not seem to work, please do the following: 

  1. Ensure you are using the correct browser for your device - (a)Desktop -  Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Electron and Safari.   /  (b) Android - Chrome, Firefox   / (c) iOS -  Safari  
  2. Once you know you are using the correct browser for your device, you will need to clear your device Cache and browing data from your settings menu. After doing this, please ensure you re-enter the url of our website afresh.


Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners may Sign-up & Register on iDHS.HealthWise by following these steps.

  1. Ensure you are using the correct browser for your device (See the FAQs on our website) to enjoy the full range of functionalities of the platform.
  2. Access our platform for those in the UK, Europe, USA and for those in Africa by typing our URL directly onto the address bar or using a compatible search browser.
  3. Sign-up using either the ‘Clinician Registration’ or ‘Join Now’ buttons. *Complete the fields and choose a username and password, tick to show you are not a robot and click ‘SIGN-UP’ to submit. 
    *If the Sign-up submission button does not appear to work, please follow these steps:
    Clear your Cache & browsing data from your settings menu on your device then access the platform as in 2 above
  4. To verify the account being set up, you would need to click the ‘Verify email account’ button in the email sent to you and would then be asked to Complete your registration process.
  5. REGISTRATION FORM- Please ensure you have to hand your GMC/Folio/Registration Number for your area of license or practise, your photo, a proof of identity & licensure. 
    You are able to save your entries should you not have all the information to hand and resume when available. 
    *Those healthcare practitioners (Non-medical doctors) without a GMC/Folio/Registration Number should add their professional licence code/Reference number to those fields allocated.  The default code is 0000000 where a field for registration number does not apply.
  6. Please note that all form fields in step 5 above are ‘required’ to enable us verify your identity and license to practice in order to safe guard users of the platform.
  7. Once done, click Submit! Our Dr Validation team would then get to work to validate your practise licence and identity before Activation your Account to enable provide your services to the users of the platform. 
    Depending on your country of licensure, the process may take between 5 hours and 7 days.
  8. Please send all sign-up, registration or other queries to the team at Please see our website FAQs for your Country customer service contact telephone number.Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners may Sign-up & Register on Wazima by following these steps.
The Consultation service you provide online to the users of the platform is technically a part of your Private Practice. Both the MDU and MPS cover all your Private Practice WORLDWIDE as long as it is declared and clarified. Most Medical Insurance companies tend to do the same.

Ensure you make your indemnity insurance provider aware that you would be providing medical and health related consultation advice to users on the platform via Audio or video links.

Should your consultation result in a need for a direct physical examination or other procedure, you would need to ensure you are covered by your indemnity insurance.

11th Floor
Oriental Hotel Lagos Building 2
4 Lekki Road
Victoria Island

Tel - WhatsApp: +234 809 963 7111 

In Africa, we partner with a number of reputable in-Country and international HMOs or Health Insurance companies to provide you access to high quality health coverage as well additional services like Medical Evacuation (medvac) for expat worker and others.

We believe that health insurance is one of the best ways of managing routine health out of pocket expenses as well as those emergency and unexpected health costs which can be debilitating to the finances of individuals and families. Through partnerships with carefully selected Organisations of reputation in the HMO/Health Insurance sector, we provide you with a range of different plan options to fit your budget, needs and pocket. 

Payments for the plans can be made on Wazima without the need for physical visit to the HMO.

Integrated Digital Healthcare System Ltd has rebranded to Wazima (which means 'healthy' in Swahili and 'choose us' in the Bini language) to help us better serve our users as explained below;
* Wazima better reflects who we are and as well as our corporate vision for Africa and the developing world in healthcare promotion.

* To simplify and focus our health message.
* Launch of platform updates with more features which our users have told us they need.

The highly qualified GPs and Specialists on Wazima Health will continue to offer valuable healthcare services, suggest treatment and triage & if necessary prescribe medicines for different types of medical and mental health conditions quickly & effectively though video consultations from less than only $1.50 (or equivalent). Additionally, all users of our platform Wazima Health can now directly enjoy the following:

  • Self-care modules for supporting those who suffer from chronic health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and others
  • Pregnancy & fertility support
  • Referral to reputable and reliable specialist doctors, therapists, pharmacists, hospitals,
  • Gyms, Spas and diagnostic centres for face-to-face examination
  • Health Insurance plans
  • Easy payment Options – Like a western Union of healthcare, payments for our healthcare services and products like online consultation and health insurance can be made on behalf of a patient user irrespective of location.
Users are able to have a text consultation for a little as $1.50 which for example is about N500 (Five Hundred Naira) in Nigeria to get answers to their medical complaints or $4.00 (or equivalent) for a 5 minute video consultation with a qualified local GP or medical professional.

Should you need to see a specialist or medical practitioner in the UK or USA or simply require more time with the GP, prices start at about $22 per consultation.
Wazima provides its services through two separate platforms based on user location. Users in Africa can access our services through which users in the West (UK,USA, Europe etc) may access on

Please note that some services are only available to Africa users so will be restricted when accessed from a Western location and vice versa.

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